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Democrat Nancy Pelosi Tried To SMASH Trump, Got A Reality HIT With The WORST News Of Her Life… She Is Officially FINISHED!

California’s Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi had a dream to sit in the same chair four more years doing practically nothing under Hillary’s umbrella.

It seems that her dream has become a nightmare after the election day. Her hopes went too fr as she obviously had a plan to continue her role as a Speaker of the House.

Pelosi was very arrogant to our president Donald Trump saying, “My view on him is he knows he shouldn’t be president. It’s like every day he is saying, ‘Save me from myself.’ Like saying there’s no drought in California.”

Reality hit Pelosi hard when her candidate Hillary Clinton went down in flames on election day. Now Pelosi’s party will be the minority in all three branches of government. Pelosi has been forced to eat all of her awful words and and make a pitiful statement on Trump saying, “I congratulate President-elect Trump and his family, and pray for his success.”

How much do you want to see crooked Pelosi to go down?

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Source: Nationalinsiderpolitics

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