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Democrats, Celebrities Push Gun Control Following Santa Clarita Shooting

Following the shooting at Saugus High School in Santa Clarita on Thursday that left two teenagers dead, celebrities and Democrats were pushing gun control, scolding politicians for refusing to take action.

Speaking on his program “The Late Late Show” on CBS, comedian James Corden said that America needs to elect politicians with the “moral courage” to address gun laws.

“We’re horrified that another place of innocence, learning and education has become instead a site of violence and trauma,” said Corden, as reported by HuffPost. “Our hearts break for the families, they really do.”

“Whilst we continue to elect politicians without the moral courage to address gun laws, these tragedies are destined to keep repeating themselves,” he continued. “Tonight, we grieve for the families of the victims and the community that’s been shattered. Tonight, we send our love to Santa Clarita.”

Corden’s call for gun control in the wake of the shooting was just one voice among many on Thursday. As reported by The Washington Examiner, Democrats were calling for gun control mere hours after the incident occurred.

“The obvious point is that part of what we all have to say is enough is enough, and we need reasonable gun safety laws in our country,” Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA) said on CNN. “Stop with the nonsense.”

“We don’t yet have all the details of the horrifying events in Santa Clarita,” Mayor Pete Buttigieg tweeted. “But we do know that in America today, children are scared to go to school. Parents and teachers are terrified. And that can’t stand.”

“To me, it just says with complete and utter clarity, we don’t have a choice but to flip the Senate and to get somebody in the White House who is going to make this a priority,” said former Rep. Katie Hill (D-CA). “So, regardless of your other political beliefs, if you think that the safety of our kids matter, then that’s to me what needs to get you to the polls.”

Celebrities from Michael Moore to Alyssa Milano were pushing similar gun control messages in the wake of the shooting.

“This week’s school shooting, 7:38 am PT this morning at Saugus High School in Santa Clarita, California. 6 students shot, 2 dead as of now,” tweeted Michael Moore. “I have NO prayers, but MANY thoughts. We Americans are a strangely frightened people with 340 million guns in private possession. Madness! We Americans are a violent people. Kill. Kill. Kill. Kill Indians. Lynch black people or shoot them in their homes. Invade nations. Assassinate leaders. A Senate that kills the Violence Against Women’s Act. Not one bishop in jail for allowing rape of children. The list is endless.”


“Another day. Another school shooting. When will we demand meaningful change? When will our voices mean more to our elected officials than their funding from the NRA? How many children need to suffer? How many need to die?” tweeted Alyssa Milano.

“Not AGAIN. OMG. I am praying for all the people physically hurt and spiritually traumatized by the [Santa Clarita] school shooting. This MUST STOP. We must protect our children,” tweeted Debra Messing.

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