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Democrats Have A Money Problem

Despite constant media attention to left-wing protests and claims of a Blue Wave in November, the Democratic National Committee (DNC) continues to trail the Republican National Committee (RNC) in fundraising.

The Washington Post reports the RNC raised nearly $14 million in June, while the DNC raised just $8 million for the same month. The RNC also has raised nearly $100 million more to-date than the DNC, and has far more cash on hand.

Democrats ended the month with just $9 million cash on hand and $6.3 million in debt. Republicans, on the other hand, have $50.7 million cash on hand.

Democrats still hope they can retake the House and the Senate in November, and enjoy a 10-point advantage over Republicans in a generic House ballot survey. A lack of resources could hurt the party in November.

More money doesn’t always equal an advantage, however, as Democrats learned last year when they outspent Republicans in a Georgia special election, yet still lost. Hillary Clinton’s campaign committee also outspent President Donald Trump’s by nearly 2-to-1, but she also lost. Democrats do appear to have a cash advantage in Republican districts, but again, that doesn’t always mean much.

Bottom line: We won’t know whether any of this matters until after the election.

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