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The Democrats Just Committed A Treason

The Democrats went too far this time with their new plot to undermine President Trump. The way they chose to fight the President is starting to cross the line. Something must be done to put an end to this hate once and for all.

The liberals can’t get over Trump’s decision to ban transgenders from joining the military. And they are constantly trying to make this all go away, but unfortunately for them, they are not doing a very good job at it. So, they come up with a new plan that is close to committing a treason.

They wrote a letter, requesting from General Mattis to go against President Trump’s orders, and that is against the law.

The letter explains in details their belief that Americans are against Trump’s decision. But that is not the truth, and even the military agrees that this was the right decision. Liberals see this as a discrimination towards the transgender people, but that is not the case here.

“As members of Congress with an abiding interest in our nation’s military and its policies towards the LGBTQ community, we write to not only express our strong opposition to President Trump’s recent tweets seeking to ban transgender individuals from the military, but to remind you not to comply with any unconstitutional directive which may ultimately be issued,” the Democrats wrote.

This is a joke. The conservatives loudly expressed their feelings about this issue and everyone supported this announcement. The Democrats are only looking for a fight.

They are working hard on finding ways to get Trump out of office and this is another proof of that.

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