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Dez Bryant Sends A Message The Black People Really Need To Hear It

It’s commonly known that prejudges shouldn’t be included in media, but in Dez Bryant’s case, we can feel that they are. Dez is a perfect model of the American dream. His mother was only 15 years old when she had him. He was 8 years old when her mother was arrested for dealing drugs. Dez moved a lot during his studying at Lufkin High School where he started his football career. He played for Oklahoma State and at 2010 was number one draft pick. He had a tough childhood, and now he still needs to stand for himself. He shared an emotional message on social media.

He wanted America to know this:

“First and foremost, I would like to say I do a great job minding my own business but it’s pressing on my heart to share my thoughts about white Americans & black Americans (racism). I saw a person quote Charles Barkley when he said, “We as black people we’re never going to be successful not because of you white people but because of other black people.” I hate to admit it but I understand that quote.

I’ve been racially profiled on numerous occasions but not once has it influenced an ill feeling inside me about anyone outside of that issue. REAL SLAVERY is different from what’s going on in our world now.. we all (every ethnicity) have the opportunity to lead by EXAMPLE. Instead of making videos about the history of racism that get applause or people with influence merely doing things to post for social media we should focus on individual accountability to be better as a whole.

Real question what is wrong with being sophisticated and black? Why do we associate those who chose the straight and narrow as not being “black enough.” … We focus hard on fighting the realities that exist instead of creating our own reality. The ones who came before us (Martin Luther King, Rosa Parks, Malcolm X…) paved a new path for us to follow. The struggles and hurt they endured created a new life for us today. It is not our job to carry the burden but it is our job to lead by example.”

Now, as a football star, he wants to share a message to America’s black people who are blaming white people for their problems. He says that the black people should learn about personal responsibility. His tough childhood didn’t stop him to achieve his life goals. As Young Cons reported, many don’t agree with Bryant’s opinion that the problem is in personal responsibility:

Shannon Sharpe, the co-anchor of ESPN’s Undisputed, asked Bryant about racial education: “I think Dez’s heart was in a good place, but because he hasn’t read up enough on the race relationship and the history of racism in America, it came out totally wrong… Dez, when you say personal accountability— okay, so I’m supposed to hold me accountable for slavery? What about Reconstruction? What about the Jim Crow South? What about segregation? What about the violation of my civil rights and my voting rights? So who do I hold accountable for that?… Dez, I can’t get ahead if someone is constantly keeping me behind.”

Sharpe should be aware that it isn’t easy to be a young black man in rural East. Bryant early life was marked by segregation and racism. Regardless of all that, watch how he explains what his signature X stands for.

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