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Difference Between Liberal Parenting vs. Parenting BRILLIANTLY Spotted at Inauguration…

The way people raise their children varies from person to person, especially when it comes to liberals and conservatives. What this one liberal kid did was abominable!

The liberal kid set fire to Trump signs, and when asked why he said, “Screw our President!” He has to be maybe 10 or so, and on the other hand we have a nine-year-old boy who said he supports Donald Trump because of his views on immigration and taxes!

The sign burner’s greatest job will probably be flipping burgers at McDonald’s. Children learn from their parents, and if you spread hateful rhetoric then your child is going to be hateful and destructive.

But if you discuss politics and culture with your child from a young age, then they become well-spoken children who respect their Presidents. No child should be yelling “Screw our President,” they can’t even vote yet!

What good does burning Trump signs do? What good does rioting in the streets do? Donald Trump is our President, and none of the liberal whining and acting out is going to change that. They need to accept it and teach their children some manners.

But liberal always seem to let their children run wild, let them “express themselves.” Well, them setting things on fire is not how they should express themselves, because one day they might just set fire to an entire building if they are upset.

If the liberals were so committed to letting their children be their own person, they wouldn’t be dragging them to rallies and encouraging them to scream horrible things about Donald Trump that they don’t even understand.

But in this day and age, there are more liberals than ever before, and they are multiplying like rabbits. These freeloaders pump out kids to get more entitlement benefits and then teach them all that the government is their daddy.

In contrast, we found a patriotic boy at the inauguration, coming from Rhode Island just to witness history. Many people came from all over the nation to see Donald Trump becoming the 45th President, although the liberals came just to cause a ruckus.

This kid is going to grow up as a great example to how children are supposed to act during inaugurations and ceremonies. They should be dressed nice and polite instead of running around the street like an animal. Even if your child was not a Trump supporter, they should be a respectful member of society, who understands the importance of the will of the people!

But no one is going to convince liberal to change their ways, they’re going to be hateful no matter what Donald Trump does for this country. They are “counting down” the next four years, and can’t wait for it to be over, but I’d grab a book because it’s going to be a while. Donald Trump is the President!

And it’s time to make America Great Again! Like this kid said, we’re going to improve immigration and taxes, and that’s just the beginning! The first 100 days in office are beginning, and they are sure to bring great things to this country.

What do you think about the difference of parenting styles? Please share the story on Facebook and tell us because we want to hear YOUR voice!

Source: Angrypatriotmovement

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