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DOJ Gave Judicial Watch Blacked-Out Documents Of Clinton And Lynch Meeting

The Judicial Watch is trying to obtain documents from the Department of Justice concerning ex-Attorney General Loretta Lynch and former President Bill Clinton’s meeting that happened last year, but unfortunately, they faced an obstruction.

Judicial Watch stated Wednesday, that the DOJ “refuses to disclose the talking points developed by the Obama Justice Department to help it respond to press inquiries about the controversial” meeting that occurred on June 27, 2016.

This happened several days before then -FBI Director James Comey announced that no charges will be filed against Hillary Clinton, who was investigated for supposedly using her private email on personals server to transmit classified intelligence information.

The DOJ gave the 417 pages long documents connected to the meeting but the most of the pages were blacked out.

“It’s jaw-dropping that the Trump administration is blacking out key information about how the Obama Justice Department tried to spin Loretta Lynch’s scandalous meeting with Bill Clinton,” Judicial Watch president Tom Fitton stated.

Fitton also said that the president himself should request “the full and immediate release of these materials.”

The watchdog group wants these documents because they do not believe Lynch’s claims that she met with Bill to talk about golf, travel and family are in fact true, instead, they think that she met with him to talk about his spouse’s case.

“I think it was very unwise of her to take the meeting, very unwise of him to seek the meeting,” Sen. Tom Cotton, R-Ariz. stated at the time. “And since she has not fully recused herself from this decision, I think it raises questions about political interference in this investigation.”

Even many well-known liberals found the meeting little suspicious:

A DOJ attorney sent a letter to Judicial Watch just a day before they went public with their concerns, saying that the blacked-out parts of the documents had a “certain inter- and intra-agency communications protected by the deliberative process privilege … (the) release of which would constitute a clearly unwarranted invasion of the personal privacy of third parties.”

“Judicial Watch must be getting pretty desperate if it is now accusing Trump’s own Justice Department of orchestrating a cover-up to protect the Clintons,” Brian Fallon, spokesman for Hillary Clinton, tried to dismiss the claims.

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