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Donald Rumsfeld OBLITERATES Joy Behar After She Trashes Trump on ‘The View’ [VIDEO]

Former Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld was able to completely crush Joy Behar in just two words. He went onto ‘The View’ where the hosts started talking about the election results. Even though the election was over 6 months ago, liberals still can’t get over it.

“Well he lost by more than three million votes in the popular vote. He won the electoral vote,” argued Behar. Rumsfeld shot her back in two words. “What counts?” he asked. “Well the electoral vote counts,” said Behar. “I thought so,” responded Rumsfeld.

The other View hosts then brought up the alleged collusion between President Trump’s campaign and Russia. They compare it to Watergate. Rumsfeld crushed them for their stupidity.

“I think suggesting that we are at a point that approximates Watergate I think is a stretch. Why do you want to engage in hypotheticals? This man was elected president of the United States. There is an investigation on the subject you’ve cited. Which is perfectly appropriate. Nothing has been concluded. I have a sense you might be jumping to conclusions,” said Rumsfeld.

He is completely right. Are you tired of the liberal narrative that President Trump isn’t legitimate? America wanted President Trump and they are all in denial. Check out the video below.

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