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Elizabeth Warren Admits She Agrees With Trump’s Syria Strategy, But Still Claims He’s Corrupt

During a recent interview, Senator Elizabeth Warren slammed President Donald Trump’s strategy while also agreeing with him on pulling out of Syria and Afghanistan.

She claimed that Trump and his administration was “wallowing” in “corruption,” stating that certain actions by the president have placed people in power that help him continue corrupting the government.

“We’ve lived through two years of Donald Trump as president,” said Warren. “We have lived through two years of one scammer and grifter after another running federal agencies, running our government.”

However, the politician did not explain how this could happen with all the checks and balances created to prevent this widespread corruption from happening.

She admitted that other Republicans would have a similar strategy, but called Trump “an accelerant.”


Warren continued to talk about corruption in the U.S. government but refused to admit Democrats were partially responsible.

“I see him as what happens when corruption invades a system that gets a little bit corrupt, and it gets a little more corrupt, and it gets a little more corrupt, and it gets bigger, and they get bolder and bolder and then you end up with someone like Donald Trump,” said Warren.

While she did speak out about agreeing with Trump, Warren made it a point to separate herself from the president.

“Are you asking me whether or not I think foreign policy ought to be conducted by tweet? The answer is no,” Warren said.

Last Monday the politician announced that she would be putting together an exploratory committee for a presidential run in 2020.

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