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THIS IS EPIC – Nancy Sinatra Slams CNN: “CNN Why Do You Lie”?!

Nancy Sinatra absolutely destroyed CNN for claiming that she was “not happy” that Trump used her father’s song at the inauguration.

This attack on CNN was in Response to an article published by CNN entitled, “Nancy Sinatra not happy Trump using father’s song at inauguration

it’s now more than 12 hours since she said the network was spreading fake news, yet no retraction of CNNs false claims has been issued.

However this is not the first fake news that CNN reported on Inauguration Day as along with the rest of the Mainstream media who were reporting this lie they tried to claim and show the massive differences in Obama’s 2008 crowds in relation to Trump’s.

One thing they did not report is that the picture they got of Trump’s crowd was 2 hours before the inauguration started and it also was due to the fact that hours before the inauguration Large groups of protestors were blocking the path way to the mall,this was until they were moved on by the police.

As the police moved the protestors away and the we got closer to the inauguration got closer the crowds started to grow with one reddit user posting this picture just minuted before the inauguration

However the liberal media do not use this image which is a true representation of the crowd sizes,instead they use an image 2 hours earlier and place it next to Obama’s crowd to try to delegitimise Trump and to try and show that somehow Trump’s movement is weak and that he is less popular and unlicked by American’s.

Sourc: Usapoliticstoday

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