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Even The Washington Post Admits There’s A ‘Bona Fide Emergency’ At U.S. Border

The Washington Post truly hates President Trump. The once-great newspaper makes no pretense about that.

On December 30, the Post ran this headline: “In 710 days, President Trump has made 7,645 false or misleading claims.” Wanna’ know the same stats for former President Barack Obama? Too bad, the Post didn’t keep those stats. In fact, the paper fact-checked only about 250 statements by Obama.

But now, even the often “fake news” Post is admitting that there is a problem — nay, a “bona fide emergency” — at the U.S.-Mexico border, which Trump plans to address in an Oval Office speech tonight at 9 p.m.

“With parts of the federal government shut down over what has morphed into the defining symbol of Trump’s presidency, administration officials are clamoring louder than ever. Only this time, they face a bona fide emergency on the border, and they’re struggling to make the case there’s truly a problem,” the Post wrote in a story headlined “After years of Trump’s dire warnings, a ‘crisis’ has hit the border but generates little urgency.”

“Record numbers of migrant families are streaming into the United States, overwhelming border agents and leaving holding cells dangerously overcrowded with children, many of whom are falling sick. Two Guatemalan children taken into U.S. custody died in December.”

The story also carried a header that read “National Security” — exactly what Trump says is at risk with the border crisis.

The Post lamented the fact that there is “little bipartisan urgency to examine the relatively narrow set of legal and administrative changes that could potentially make a difference in slowing illegal migration or improving conditions for families who arrive at the border.”

And the paper cited Anthony Earl Wayne, a U.S. diplomat who served as ambassador to Mexico from 2011 to 2015, who said, “There are places that need better fences or better walls; no one denies that. But I don’t know how you get to that, while explaining to the public that we need to increase border security while meeting the human needs that are there.”

Still, new House Speaker Nancy Pelosi vows not to give one dollar for Trump’s proposed border barrier, calling such a thing “immoral.” And Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer says Democrats won’t support any funding, either, saying Trump is simply throwing a “temper tantrum.” The federal government has been partially shut down since December 22, then Democrats refused to support a House-passed bill that set aside $5.7 billion for a border barrier and additional security.

In its piece, the Post also acknowledged that Trump’s heightened rhetoric on the wall had a serious impact.

In 2015, the year President Trump launched his White House bid with a promise to build a wall on the Mexico border, illegal migration to the United States plunged 31 percent, falling near its lowest level in 50 years.

Security experts saw a success, but Trump looked at the border and saw something ominous: “rapists,” “criminals” and other predators lurking on the other side.

In 2017, Trump’s first year in office, he continued to insist on the urgent need for a border wall, even as illegal crossings dropped further.

Yes, the flow of illegals was dropping because of Trump’s vows to clamp down.

And when even The Washington Post is admitting there’s a “bona fide emergency,” you know there’s a serious problem.

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