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EVERYONE Is Talking About What Melania Trump Wore Last Night [PHOTOS]

Oh, Melania! Nobody ever says that you aren’t stunning, and last night, in your glittering dress of pure gold, that statement was never more true.

But the dress is simply the icing on an exquisite cake. Your beautiful face, your figure of a 22-year-old (though you are 46-years-old, and the mother of a child), and your composure and grace. It is the entire package, the magic “potion,” if you will, that makes it impossible to turn one’s eyes from you.

Melania is stunning, as always, in her glittering gold dress by international designer, Reem Arca.

Granted, there were many other lovely, beautifully coiffed women at last night’s event. But somehow they just couldn’t compare to you. But why? Or why not? I think it’s not what’s on the outside of you, but what’s on the inside. You’re a strong woman who does not take orders, even from the man who is to be our Commander in Chief (in particular, I refer to the recent instance when, during an inauguration event your husband told you where to sit but you didn’t want to sit so instead you simply walked away).

Our future president and his stunningly beautiful wife, showing off her immaculate figure in a golden Reem Arca gown.

But then, there was also the time that Donald, when you and he first met, asked for your phone number. As the story goes, you did not give it to him. Instead, you asked for his number. Of course, he gave you his number. In fact, he gave you all of them (business and personal, alike). Eventually, of course, you did call him and, after a seven-year courtship, married him. But you certainly did not rush into anything. You were as nice as you could be but as tough as you needed to be. Very smart.

Then there was the CNN interview in which you said, “I give him my opinions, many, many times. I don’t agree with everything that he says but, you know, that is normal. I’m my own person, I tell him what I think. I’m standing very strong on the ground on my two feet and I’m my own person. And I think that’s very important in the relationship.” Well said, Melania, well said.

Melania, on the arm of her husband and our future president, enter last night’s a black-tie “candlelight dinner” for donors at Union Station.

The Designer

Who made the spectacular dress that Melania was wearing? None other than Reem Acra, a famous female designer who was born in Beirut, Lebanon. According to her Wikipedia page, “Acra graduated from the American University in Beirut in 1982 with a business degree, she then took courses at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York, graduating magna cum laude in 1986 and winning the Fashion Design Department’s award for her year. She is recognized as one of the school’s most prominent graduates.” Reem has dressed any number of celebrities, from Madonna to Angelia Jolie, and even the world-renowned doll, Barbie. Reem is also a huge fan of horses, and a sponsor of many of the equestrian world’s most prestigious events.

Reem Arca working on one of her famous bridal gowns.
Source: Conservativeworlddaily
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