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Ex-Navy Seal Issued A Warning Dedicated To Anyone Who Wants To Harm President Trump

A post shared on Facebook this week, set social media on fire. It’s actually a warning for Clinton supporters that can be deadly for them if they try to take down President Trump.

Ex-Navy Seal Craig “Sawman” Sawyer issued a warning dedicated to anyone who is trying to take down the President on the un-Constitutional way.

Only the Congress has the right to remove a sitting president, according to U.S. Constitution, for his incapability to understand that the Constitution is the law and he must stand by the oath to respect and protect it.

Ex-President Barack Obama made the very same oath which made him an easy target for impeachment, but instead, he ends up leading this country into failure for 8 long years.

Here is the letter that Ex-Navy Seal Craig wrote:

“Note: Nowhere here does this say innocent civilians or a legit impeachment. On the contrary, this speaks specifically to an illegal silent coup by corrupt officials using false charges, as has leaked out by Clinton cronies lately. Anything else is a different scenario entirely. Honor our Constitution! Keep it straight.

Americans, Patriots, pray for our nation. Pray for our President.

I’m hearing serious rumblings of a hostile, illegal coup against our democratically elected President by seditious, deep-state subversives funded by Soros & other globalists. Very disturbing.

Patriots, this would be nothing less than an act of war against the American people. It would be the removal of our boldest defender & last possibility of maintaining our protective Constitution. Under the boot of globalists, life as we know it, would immediately decline to the model that suits the globalist interest – Marxist/Socialist/Communist. They get complete control, you get zero. Freedom, Gone! Liberty, Gone! This agenda is evil and simply cannot be allowed, at ANY cost.

Like ALL military, law enforcement and government officials, I took an oath to defend our Constitution against ALL enemies, foreign and domestic. By abandoning the rule of law and conducting a coup against the President & policies WE THE PEOPLE elected, they have made themselves enemies of the United States.

Under threat, ALL patriots, whether civilian, law enforcement, government, or military, have the duty to defend our Constitution against such enemies. Some speculate on “civil war”. I readily recognize a much more sobering reality: Anti-American subversives involved in ANY WAY in an unconstitutional coup against our President will be run down and executed immediately by the world’s most supreme warriors. There will be nowhere to run to, nowhere to hide, no mercy, no sense of humor. Harsh examples will be made. My prediction is it will be a gruesome massacre. Why? Because one side in this conflict has 8 Trillion bullets & the other side doesn’t know which bathroom to use.

It will likely only take a few hours. Lessons will be learned. History will take note. Order restored.

Patriots, We The American People stand united as one, against ALL enemies. We are peace-loving people who abide by the rule of law. Prepare yourselves in case this ridiculous insanity actually gets played out and the rule of law goes out the window under their gross miscarriage of our legal process. Shaking my head…

United We Stand! At the ready. USA!”

The left will, of course, say that this is a result of “Trump Rhetoric,” and will not admit that actually is a result of the destructive presidency of Barack Obama.

The left for long years were presenting themselves as victims, and we can clearly see that now. They thought that after Obama and his absurd social justice programs, they will never lose. The couldn’t imagine that someone like Donald Trump will win the elections with huge support from voters. They were so unsatisfied, that nothing else left for them other than violent protests.

On the other hand, the right are pacifists and people who don’t support a war, but if someone messes with our president, they will do everything to protect him. The best thing for left is to be quiet, as we did during the Obama presidency.

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