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Ex-NBA Star’s Weekly White House Attendance Has The Liberals Going Crazy

Even though the mainstream media is ignoring the most wonderful White House news, the people recently found out about it and the liberals are freaking out. In Washington, many well-known members of Trump administration are having weekly Bible study.

“These are godly individuals that God has risen to a position of prominence in our culture,” said Ralph Drollinger who is hosting these meetings.

Drollinger is pointing out Vice President Mike Pence as the one responsible for gathering the group.

“I don’t think Donald Trump has figured out that he chained himself to the Apostle Paul,” Drollinger stated for CBN.

Drollinger was a famous NBA basketball player and also the first player who played in four NCAA Final Four tournaments with UCLA and won two of them.

After his basketball career, he was a part of an organization named sports ministry and then in 1997 he formed Capitol Ministries. This organization established its offices in Washington in 2010, and today they host Bible studies in 24 foreign countries, 40 state capitals the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives, and now the White House.

As reported, among the many prominent members who are attending these weekly Bible study are Education Secretary Betsy DeVos, Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue, Energy Secretart Rick Perry, CIA Director Mike Pompeo, Health and Human Services Secretary Tom Price and Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

As expected, many liberals went crazy after they found out about these weekly Bible study.

Others even were implying that this was discriminatory in some way.

President Donald Trump is invited to join the Bible study, but due to his busy schedule, he hasn’t attended yet. Vice President Mike Pence helped organize these weekly meeting and is planning to attend when his schedule will clear up a bit.

“It’s the best Bible study that I’ve ever taught in my life,” Drollinger stated. “They are so teachable; they’re so noble; they’re so learned.”

“I just praise God for them,” he stated, “And I praise God for Mike Pence, who I think with Donald Trump chose great people to lead our nation.”

What our leaders are doing is amazing, even though the liberals might not agree, I think the people in charge for the future of this nation will have a positive outcome from the spiritual guidance and support.

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