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EXPOSED – ‘Black Lives’ Leader Arrested On SHOCKING Charges, National Media Hides It

Few people dedicated their lives to justice the way Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. did. He believed everyone—regardless of color—could be free. Where did his vision go so wrong?

Some claim to continue his dream, but they are nothing more than hateful thugs who try to make up lies to make themselves famous. Take for example the former leader of the Atlanta based Black Lives Matter, Tyree “Sir Maejor” Page. This “black social justice” leader has been caught and charged for impersonating a police officer.

Isn’t it ironic that a member of a group whose mission is to disparage and attack police officers chose to dress up as one and wanted to be one?

Page rose to a leadership position in the Black Lives Matter movement after the chaotic, asinine marches in the Atlanta streets to protest the so-called “police brutality.” This thug was also a member of a group that met Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed, demanding that the police change their tactics and training methods, and also a speaker at a joint news conference.

At the conference with Mayor Reed and George Turner, an Atlanta police chief, Page stated, “We stand on the shoulders of those that have paved the way for us to be able to protest in the streets and to be able to have our voices heard.”

However, when our law enforcement officials and politicians are unaware of who they are meeting with, this can lead to embarrassing situations. How our elected officials could have mistakenly met with this urban terrorist makes one truly wonder about the city of Atlanta.

Page has been arrested, several times, for dressing up and pretending to be a police officer. Even on his social media accounts, there are pictures of him wearing uniforms and tactical gear and carrying weapons. This is something that is open for the world to see, yet it was overlooked by the Atlanta officials.

In December 2014, Page was arrested by Atlanta police for “wearing a replica of the Atlanta police officer uniform,” wearing police gear and carrying a Glock 45. He was detaining a black female with handcuffs at the station, where he said he was working security. An obvious lie.

And in October 2015, he was again arrested while wearing a bulletproof vest outside of a MARTA station. He even demanded that the man who arrested him show his identification, discovering he was the sergeant of the Atlanta Police Department.

Page was also arrested at the beginning of this year when he managed to get past security guards at a high-security building that belonged to the state. How? He claimed to be an FBI agent. And, according to the court, he was carrying a gun. He even managed to get into the secretary of state’s corporate records office. One witness stated that Page “had more weapons than I’ve ever seen an officer wear.”

However, because of our broken legal system, this thug evaded these felony charges of impersonating a law enforcement officer by pleading guilty to his lesser crimes, such as carrying a weapon in unauthorized areas and obstruction.

He is now on probation for two years. Page is no longer a member of the Black Lives Matter movement, but he did start his own group called Black Lives Matter of Greater Atlanta. How original.

This is what the Black Lives Matter group does. They are nothing more than a bunch of narcissistic thugs who believe themselves to be victims. This is why they can instigate violence against our police officers, and our broken system just lets them get away with it. This man should be brought to justice for his crimes.

H/T Angrypatriotmovement

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