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EXPOSED – Cory Booker Attacks Jeff Sessions’ Character, IMMEDIATELY Regrets It

Senator Booker needs to stop spinning so many tales against Jeff Sessions and the rest of the world, which now sees Booker as nothing but a liar.

Even though Booker is now condemning Sessions, he said this on television before, “I feel blessed and honored to have partnered with Senator Sessions in being the Senate sponsors of this important award,” as per the Weekly Standard.

Back then, he was honored to work with Jeff Sessions, to walk in the man’s footsteps that have paved the way for him and others. Now, it seems, Booker is ready to sail Sessions down the river.

Booker claims to be testifying against Sessions because he has spoken against “key ideals around the Voting Rights Act” and has tried “to block criminal justice reform.”

This is not the only lie he has told; Booker’s famous Newark drug pusher named “T-Bone,” who was often used in stories during campaigning and events, turned out to be completely fictional, according to the National Review.

Booker merely told this story, using the character as “a fixture” for his 2002 campaign, which was unsuccessful. He used the symbolic value to fight against Sharpe James, but this is something that doesn’t sit right with many Americans.

He told this story to serve a political end for his audience. He told the tale for the upper class white people who wanted to hear this story, but it was all a sham, nothing more.

So, Booker expects us to believes what he says. He’s nothing but a liar and a cheat who makes up people for the public and switches stories in a way that rivals Hillary Clinton, who constantly flip-flopped on her views.

I don’t know why Booker is trying to “rise up” against Sessions and the rest of the president-elect’s incoming administration, but you can be sure it has something to do with the liberal narrative they are trying to spread.

We have leaders who are protesting the incoming administration, and we have celebrities and government officials refusing to let the American people move on and who would rather cause more division than accept our incoming president-elect.

Sessions will make a great attorney general because he treats people justly and fairly regardless of race or any other demographic. The liberals may not agree, but that doesn’t change the fact that there will be fairness across the board.

All Booker has shown the American people is that he continues to be a liar and a hypocrite and untrustworthy to boot. He has admitted two different points of view, and now the people don’t know which is the truth. The corruption of the Democrats needs to be addressed because it’s getting ridiculous.

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Source: Angrypatriotmovement

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