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EXPOSED – Steve Harvey Goes on Racist Rant, Says “Spit on White People”

Ultra-loved Steve Harvey’s career may be in ultra-trouble. The famous TV host has been accused of some very ugly behavior.

A two-month investigation into the Family Feud host has apparently uncovered evidence of some racist ranting that, if true, cannot be ignored. “Spit on white people,” Harvey allegedly said, as per Freedom Daily.

A former employee of Harvey’s, Joseph Cooper, claims to be in possession of tapes of several racial rants and has filed a $20 million lawsuit against Harvey. Cooper says these types of outbursts were commonplace from Harvey.

According to Cooper, Harvey isn’t just anti-white—he is anti-American. “I don’t give a s**t about America,” Cooper accuses Harvey of saying.

Cooper says that he has 120 hours of recordings from a 20-year span of Harvey’s career, going back to 1993 and his early stand-up days. He alleges that this was a pattern of behavior rather than mere isolated incidents.

Harvey is arguably one of the greatest African-American stars in both radio and television. The Steve Harvey Show, Family Feud, and Little Big Shots draw tens of millions of loyal listeners and viewers on a daily basis. So, with an empire valued at some $100 million, he has much to lose.

Harvey is not taking this news lying down and has issued a counter-suit against Cooper. The suit claims that Cooper is seeking to extort and coerce money from Harvey. Harvey is asking for $5 million in damages.

On this matter, Harvey’s lawyer has said, “Virtually every time Harvey was hired for a television show, [Cooper] would contact the owners or principals to inform them of potentially embarrassing material and/or tapes and attempt to have them influence Harvey to pay for the tapes.”

Interestingly, court documents appear to show that Harvey admits to the rants, saying that at times he was edgier than others. “I didn’t have to concern myself with branding or imaging or anything. You could just say — I thought I was funnier,” Harvey said.

Cooper alleges that on one tape, Harvey says it would take an hour and a half to explain how badly he hates white people. He says that Harvey regularly called white people “honkeys.” Special grace is often offered to comedians over these kinds of matters. Indeed, the edgy nature of their work is often what makes them funny.

However, racism is unacceptable. Imagine if a white comedian was saying he hates black people, calling them the N-word and calling on folks to spit on them. Can you imagine the backlash?

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Source: Angrypatriotmovement

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