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Famed NASA Engineer Tells Intern To Watch Her Language. Then She Really Gets Nasty.

A famous NASA engineer got insulted by a young woman who received an internship at NASA after he told her she should watch her language.

On Monday, a young woman identifying herself as Naomi H. on Twitter tweeted her excitement that she had received an internship this way: “Everyone shut the f*** up I got accepted for a NASA membership.”

Except she didn’t use asterisks.

Homer Hickam, the famed central character in the film “October Sky” who served in Vietnam and later trained the first Japanese astronauts, simply replied on Twitter, “Language.” He was concerned that Naomi might get in trouble for using the curse word in the same tweet as the word NASA.

Naomi, deciding she had been insulted, responded on Twitter, “Suck my dick and balls I’m working at NASA.” Hickam replied that he works on the council that oversees NASA. After Naomi’s second tweet, she was apparently informed that her internship had been rescinded.

Hickham went to great pains to explain he was not responsible for the internship being rescinded:

Without knowing the motivation for Hickam’s initial response, supporters of Naomi derided Hickam:

Others pointed out that those attacking Hickam didn’t have the whole story:

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