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Father Of Son Killed By Illegal Immigrant Just Stood Up & Gave Trump Biggest Surprise Of His Life!

Jamiel Shaw, Sr. supports Donald Trump for President. He is supporting him because Trump promised to end illegal immigration. Jamiel Shaw spoke at one rally for Donald Trump.

Jamiel Shaw was a former Democrat that supports Donald Trump and think he was “send from God.” AMEN.

Jamiel Shaw went on FOX and Friends this morning to talk about Chuck Schumer’s fake crocodile tears from last night.

Let’s play this video 1 more time to embarrass Chuck.

Jamiel Shaw thinks that it is ugly that Chuck Schumer has to cry to try and make Trump look bad for instituting a travel ban to stop American deaths.

Now watch Jamiel Shaw tear into Chuck Schumer in this video below.

Jamiel Shaw, Sr.: That was so fake. I’ve been to funerals, candlelight vigils. You want to see crying and hurt people? Why don’t you show up there. You know, I know a lot of parents who cry every day, including myself. That’s all we do is think about our loved ones who see him crying for terrorists and people who we don’t even know who they are when he has Americans here who he gives us no support? I could care less about Chuck Schumer.

H/T: Libertywritersnews

This was great.

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