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FBI Discovers Disturbing Details In Sanders Investigation. Should They Go To Prison?

During the 2016 General Election, Bernie Sanders, a self-proclaimed Democratic Socialist from Vermont, tried to portray himself as the honest alternative to the corrupt Hillary Clinton. A current FBI investigation has uncovered that Senator Sanders is not as clean as he pretends to be.

Jane Sanders, the wife of Bernie, is the focus of a federal investigation into her possibly fraudulent dealings with the now-defunct Burlington College. The FBI claimed that the Sanders case has taken a very interesting turn as Vermont state officials were caught removing documents from the college, via Dennis Michael Lynch.

The case of Jane Sanders is a classic example of small-town corruption.

Sanders stands accused of misrepresenting her $10 million dollar purchase of thirty-six acres of land formerly belonging to the Roman Catholic Diocese of Burlington, Vermont. The goal of the acquisition was to expand the campus of Burlington College so that it abutted Lake Champlain.

In 2016, Brady Toensig, former Vermont campaign manager for Donald Trump, filed a complaint against Sanders claiming that Sanders misrepresented herself during her application for the $10 million loan. Toensig further added that Bernie Sanders used his political clout to grease the loan’s wheels, via Washington Times.

Because of Toensig’s political affiliation, Bernie Sanders has cast the whole issue aside as a political hit-job.

However, federal investigators were looking into the case long before Toensig filed his complaint. Sanders is suspected of lying about some donations she had already received. Additionally, the school lost $500,000 between 2009 and 2012 thanks to the Vermont Woodworking School, which was run and organized by Jane Sanders’ daughter, via Daily Caller.

The closing of Burlington College in 2016 is blamed on Sanders’ poor management. Her corrupt land deal virtually bankrupted the college, via VT Digger.

As much as Senator Sanders would like this story to go away, he and his wife have both been called to give testimony before the FBI. The investigation, which began under President Obama–not President Trump–may spell the end of Sanders’ career. The Vermont Socialist could be looking at charges of corruption, via

For all his talk of supporting the little guy in the face of financial interests, it appears that Bernie Sanders is a fan of cronyism when it benefits him or his family. I’m sure Sanders’ share the wealth program would go over well with the disappointed former students of Burlington College.

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