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Felicity Huffman Sentenced to 14 Days in Jail for College Bribery Scam

Actress Felicity Huffman received a 14-day prison sentence on Friday afternoon for her role in the “Varsity Blues” college bribery scandal.
According to a report from the BBC, actress Felicity Huffman was sentenced on Friday afternoon to a 14-day prison sentence for her role in a wide-ranging college admissions bribery scandal that was uncovered by the DOJ earlier this year.

Huffman was accused of paying $15,000 in exchange for a specialized SAT proctor that would correct answers on her daughter’s exam. Huffman’s daughter scored 400 points higher on the doctored exam than she did on her previous SAT exam.

US Attorney Eric Rosen asked the court to sentence Huffman to one month in prison. He argued that Huffman “must go to jail for one month…there is simply no excuse for what she did,” he said. “With all due respect, welcome to parenthood…Most parents have the moral compass and integrity not to step over the line. The defendant did not.”

“I am deeply sorry to the students, parents, colleges, and universities who have been impacted by my actions,” Huffman said in the courtroom before her sentencing on Friday.”I am sorry to my daughter, Sophia, my daughter, Georgia, and my husband, Bill. I have betrayed them all.”

Lori Loughlin, the former Full House actress, is due in court on October 2. Loughlin has been accused of paying $500,000 to have her two daughters admitted into the University of Southern California. As part of the alleged scam, Loughlin created fake athletic profiles by asking her daughters to pose on rowing equipment for photos even though they had never competed.

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