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Ferry Boat Captain, Crew Member Suspended For Hoisting ‘Trump 2020’ Flag

A boat captain and a crew member with North Carolina’s ferry system have been suspended for a week for flying a flag supporting President Donald Trump’s coming re-election bid in 2020.

“A passenger on the MV Frisco ferry took a picture of the ‘Trump 2020’ flag flying below the U.S. flag and even with the North Carolina flag last month and posted it to social media,” the Associated Press reported.

The passenger reportedly posted a picture on Twitter: “Is this appropriate? I don’t think so.” The tweet has since been deleted.

Ferry Division spokesman Tim Hass told media outlets that putting campaign material on a state-owned vessel is not appropriate. He did not release the names of the employees suspended for a week.

“The ferry Frisco was traveling between Hatteras and Ocracoke about twilight,” the Virginia Pilot reported.

The flag hung on poles high above the deck just below the American flag and at the same level as the North Carolina state flag. It was up briefly, no longer than one trip across, said Tim Hass, spokesman for the North Carolina Ferry Division.

“No matter the political viewpoint, any sort of campaign material on a state ferry is in violation of policy,” Hass said.

State Ferry Division Director Harold Thomas and NCDOT’s Office of Employee Relations will help investigate.

Officials will “take the appropriate disciplinary action,” Hass said.

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