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FIFA Orders World Cup Broadcasters To Stop Zooming In On ‘Hot Women’

If you’ve watched any of the 2018 World Cup, you’ve seen some incredible soccer.

You’ve also probably seen a whole bunch of pretty women. The camera operators at the games in Russia spend a lot of time zooming in on pretty women in the crowds.

But that will happen less in the final two games of the Cup if the Fédération Internationale de Football (FIFA) has its way. “FIFA has ordered World Cup broadcasters to stop zooming their cameras in on ‘hot women’ in the crowd during matches, to help prevent sexism in football,” the Daily Mail reports.

Among the glamorous fans attracting attention are former porn star Natalya Nemchinova, named as Russia’s hottest World Cup fan, along with wives and girlfriends of footballers playing for England, Croatia and France.

But, the federation’s diversity boss, Federico Addiechi, said the organisation has told its broadcast service to stop zooming in on ‘hot women’ in the stands.

It has also been monitoring whether the various national rights-holders have also been picking out pretty faces.

He said: ‘We’ve done it with individual broadcasters. We’ve done it as well with our host broadcast services.’

Addiechi also vowed to “take action” against those who violate the new rule.

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