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FINAL SHOWDOWN – Sheriff Joe Slaps Obama With New Birth-Certificate Bombshell

The Barack Obama birther conspiracy has followed Obama since he first announced his intent for the presidency.

Former Sheriff Joe Arpaio, after conducting several investigations into Obama, will soon be revealing the findings of his digging. His intent was not to find out where Obama was born, but to get to the bottom of the allegedly forged birth certificate Obama provided as documentation, as per WND.

“I’m the chief law enforcement officer elected by the people. I have a right to investigate and speak out. I’m not talking about where he came from. I don’t care where he came from. We’re working on a fraudulent, forged government document. That’s what we are doing,” Arpaio stated on CNN.

This makes a lot of sense because with Obama’s eight years almost up, it doesn’t matter where he was born at this point. He’s already been the president of this country for two terms—finding out he was never supposed to run in the first place would just be salt in the wound.

But having our government allegedly forge a document to keep Obama in power is a scary thought. And this is exactly why we elected Donald Trump: to drain the swamp. Now, the tables seem to be turned, and the liberals are the ones turning into the “conspiracy theorists.”

With Obama out the door, liberals are crowding social and mainstream media with talks of Russia this and Taiwan that, claiming that Donald Trump being elected is akin to the end of freedom, which makes little to no sense.

Arpaio launched his “Cold Case Posse” investigation after a petition from his constituents, expressing their worries on the matter, was presented to him. In 2012, Arpaio appeared at a news conference to state there was probable cause to believe that Obama’s birth certificate released to the public was a forgery created on a computer.

The former sheriff is known for his strict enforcement on immigration laws, so it makes sense that he would stand behind this investigation until it is finished.

His Posse advised that they believe the forgers committed two crimes—one, that the White House created a forged document, and second, that they presented it to the residents of Maricopa County as “proof” that Obama was born in 1961 in Hawaii.

The investigators added that they have evidence suggesting that Obama’s Selective Service card was fake, based on an examination of the postal date stamp on the document, which adds more evidence to their case.

In addition, records of Immigration and Naturalization Service cards filled out by passengers arriving on international flights coming into the United States in the month of August 1961, viewed at the National Archives in Washington, D.C., were missing the documents for the week of President Obama’s birth.

It wouldn’t be so suspicious if the arrival records from the Immigration and Naturalization Service for the week of Obama’s birth weren’t missing.

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Source: Angrypatriotmovement

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