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The First Lady Compared With Michelle Obama In 3 Harsh Photos

According to Seth Connell, President Trump is facing some difficulties with his approval ratings, but the First Lady Melania rating is going up on the scale.

The latest Fox News poll showed that Melania Trump rating is climbing up when it comes to public opinion. According to this poll, Melania has a 51% approval rating. That’s 14 points more than December, and 16 more than last summer.

When is up to question of disapproval, 28% disapprove; and 20% remain without an opinion.

The rating increment is not only among Republicans but also among all party lines and ages.

Melania’s rating improved compared to previous year, as stated: Republicans (+24), Democrats (+12), men (+17), women (+15), voters under age 45 (+18) and ages 45 and over (+16).

The poll showed that more men (55 percent) than women (48 percent) have a favorable view of Mrs. Trump.

Melania’s current approval rating is higher than Hillary Clinton’s when she was the First Lady.

Independent Journal Review reported that Hillary at that time held just a 49% approval rating and her husband Bill who was President at that time held a 51% approval rating. This deviates from usual trend, where First Ladies have a tendency to be more popular because of their role in the White House.

However, Melania still hasn’t achieved approval rating as high as Laura Bush or Michelle Obama, but she is surely going that way. It seems that now the focus should be on President Trump’s rating improvement, which is a really challenging.

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