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‘F**k the Pigs’: Large Antifa Group Orders Police to Move as They Head Toward White Supremacist Rally

Tensions boiled over as Antifa protesters followed white supremacists marching in the “Unite the Right 2” rally in Washington D.C. — and police seemed to get the worst of it.

The protests began on Sunday afternoon. According to D.C. permit requests, the white supremacists were expecting around 400 attendees and the counter protests were expected to near 1,500. Both groups were expected to be in close proximity to each other in Lafayette Park, near the White House.

Although the white supremacists expected 400, only a few dozen actually showed up for the rally. Alec Sears of Newsbusters and Julio Rosas of Independent Journal Review captured footage of the protests.

After the white supremacists arrived, they began marching through the streets of D.C. to their final destination of Lafayette Park.

As the small group of “Unite the Right” marchers maneuvered through D.C., Antifa marchers followed.

Although the police were only attempting to keep the two groups from attacking each other, Antifa members turned their hostility toward the police, calling them pigs, adding “F**k the pigs! Revolution has come, time to pick up a gun.”

When the Antifa members weren’t harassing cops, they were working to prevent media crews from filming the counter-protesters.

Even though the officers were harassed and insulted, they vowed to protect the rights of everyone involved, issuing warnings about road closings and weapon prohibition.

The protests are expected to continue throughout Sunday evening.

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