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Former NYPD Commissioner Calls out ‘Outrageous’ NJ Law Restricting Off-Duty Officers: ‘That’s Insane’

A New Jersey law restricts the number of rounds off-duty police officers can carry at once, and a former NYPD commissioner is less than thrilled about it, to say the least.

Tweeting a leaked memo to law enforcement, Bernard Kerik wrote, “NJ Governor @GovMurphy is endangering the life of every off duty NJ cop! Gang bangers, drug thugs and really bad guys don’t give a damn about magazine capacity… So he takes the good guy’s ammunition, and the bad guys are loaded for bear!”

The memo, signed by Acting Bergen County Prosecutor Dennis Calo, reminded law enforcement officers that a fourth-degree crime would result by violating the law, which was signed by the Democratic governor in June.

Kerik later joined “Fox & Friends” on Sunday to further slam the law, calling it “outrageous” and insisting it puts officers at risk and their lives in danger.

“You’re taking the ability away from the cops to possess the rounds they may need in a gun battle,” he said. “That’s insane.”

Watch his interview below:

As the law also applies to New Jersey residents who are not police officers, he added that it is effectively taking the right to defend themselves “away from the people” of the state.

“It’s one thing if you violate a rule of a department,” Kerik said. “But this is a law. A criminal law, and it makes you, then, a criminal. So, this is just crazy.”

The former NYPD commissioner’s heated words come as the country grapples with several tragic shootings in recent years, sparking a nationwide debate over gun control and the Second Amendment. While some have argued for stricter regulations surrounding firearms, others like Kerik are warry and want to protect themselves and their families.

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