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Fox News’ Greta Van Susteren Is Calling on All Americans to DO THIS to Stop Obama (WHOA!)

Fox News’ Greta Van Susteren is a patriot and proud American who always stands up for our military. From sounding the alarms on Marine Sgt. Andrew Tahmooressi’s wrongful imprisonment in Mexico to focusing a spotlight on Americans’ being held captive in Iran, Van Susteren has always been the Obama Administration’s worst nightmare.

Now, with an epic Facebook post, Greta is not holding back! She is tired of the lawless Obama administration and is calling people in all 50 states to start a massive rally against Obama’s tyrant actions. America’s foreign policy is weak, which is why Christians are being persecuted throughout the world and the Islamic State (ISIS) gets strong by the day. No wonder this post is going viral:

My generation v. my parents’ (and your parents’ or grandparents’) generation
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There should be a peaceful MARCH ON WASHINGTON – at least a million needed to get the attention of President Obama and world leaders! After WW2, people said of the execution of Jews, “we didn’t know it was going on.” What is MY generation’s excuse? We know! We even have videos protest washington dc

I just read about the ISIS execution of Ethiopian Christians. These executions are daily. And in ISIS’ barbaric style, ISIS videotaped it and put it on line to show (brag?)

And there is more today: Boko Haram adopts ISIS goal to wipe out Christians

How much more is the world going to tolerate? We need to show our priorities. No nation can do this alone. We need all good people, all good nations.

Like you, I don’t want to see one more Christian executed for his or her faith (or for any other reason or anyone else executed by these terrorists.) These horrible terrorists even execute little girls and boys and babies! How much more is the world going to tolerate? And worse, I fear it happens so often now that people are not shocked and hence not demanding our world leaders to join together and do what it takes to end this genocide.

Many nations (including the USA) are trying to stop ISIS, but trying is not enough — we need success. The fact that we are day after day seeing these videos of executions is proof – we are not succeeding. I know there are many problems here at home in the USA but looking back at my parents’ generation, they never said, in the face of genocide, we are too busy with our problems here. They didn’t turn their backs. They could multi task (handle problems here and overseas), can’t we? That generation did the right thing. We should, too — but it takes world leaders.

The only way to get world leaders’ attention, and this is a world problem, not just a USA problem, is by making a big statement….and frankly, I think people marching on Washington (and other nations’ Capitols) in big numbers would get attention. It has worked before. I don’t know what else to suggest. We need our leaders to know our collective priorities — and stopping this genocide is one of them.

Do you have another idea? If you do, post it here….we need ideas. I don’t pretend to have the answers – I just know we need to do something and it is our leaders who need to lead us and lead the world.

We can’t say “we don’t know or we didn’t know.” We do. We have videos.

PS We Americans do so well when we have a common goal (here pure evil) — we work together and don’t go after each other. smile emoticon

[note: this protest pic is from a protest years ago – ISIS pic is from today]


Do you agree with Greta and want America to fight evil around the world? Please leave us a comment and tell us what you think!

Source: Thepoliticalinsider

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