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Free Speech for the Win: Judge Deals ‘Clock Boy’ a Huge Blow in His Defamation Case

Remember Clock Boy? He just lost the appeal on his defamation suit against Daily Wire editor-in-chief Ben Shapiro, the Center for Security Policy, and the center’s executive vice president, Jim Hanson.

In 2015, Ahmed Mohamed was arrested for bringing a “homemade clock” to school because some believed the clock looked like a bomb. Because of Mohamed’s ethnicity, accusations of Islamophobia on behalf of the school began to swirl.

The story quickly went viral, and Mohamed received support from many, including former President Barack Obama.

While many saw this as an incident of Islamophobia, others supported the school’s “see something, say something” mentality.

After the Department of Justice began to investigate the arrest, some feared it would prevent people from pointing out suspicious activities for fear of prosecution in the future:

Mohamed’s father saw these warnings as an attack on his son and filed a defamation suit against Shapiro, Hanson, The Blaze CEO Glenn Beck, and others.

Judges threw out the first defamation suit in January 2017, awarding Shapiro’s motion to dismiss the case:

Mohamed’s father appealed the case, continuing to seek the defamation case and attorney’s fees. Shapiro’s attorney, Kurt Schlichter, announced Wednesday that judges upheld the decision:

In the opinion, the judge stated that there was no proof of malice from the defendants and denied Mohamed’s request for attorney’s fees.

The defamation suits were not the only legal actions taken by Mohamed’s father. He also attempted to sue the school on the basis that it infringed on his civil liberties. Judges dismissed that case and the appeal.

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