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Geniuses Of ‘The View’: ‘Impeachment Hearings Will Unify The Country’

In a statement staggering in its indubitably dunderheaded way, on Thursday two of the political geniuses on ABC’s “The View” theorized that the impeachment hearings targeting Donald Trump would “unify the country.” Co-host Sunny Hostin opined, “I think impeachment hearings will unify the country.” Co-host Joy Behar echoed, “I do, too.”

The exchange was started when co-host Meghan McCain said that the announcement by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi that a launch toward impeachment would occur was bad news for three people and good news for one. She stated:

I will say, do you know who’s having the best day today? Elizabeth Warren. Because Joe Biden is involved in this; his son is involved in this; President Trump is involved with this; her poll numbers are rising; it just came out that she’s officially first in New Hampshire by 2%. There’s a feather that’s just dropped, and I will say that this is the best political day for her.

Then this exchange followed:

Behar: Can I just say that during Watergate, the country was not on board then for impeachment either, and most of the Republican Party, it took a long time for them to get on board.

Hostin: And he had a 60% approval rating going in.

Behar: He was very popular. And I recall watching; every day it was in television and it was right there for everybody to see all the crimes that Nixon committed. And now we’ll see all the crimes that Trump has done before.

Behar: I don’t think the people out there are watching this the way we do, the way newspeople do, the way political junkies do. The average person in Kansas and Iowa and all these states you’re talking about, they’re busy with their lives. Now watch it every day and see what he did and then come to your conclusion about whether he’s destroying this country or not.

Hostin: And that’s the import of having an impeachment hearing.

Behar: That’s the reason we want it.

McCain: 69% against is a staggering number.

Behar: It was just like that then.

Co-host Abby Huntsman, who referred to Pelosi as “Nancy”: Also, to that point, when Nancy came out yesterday, within 15 minutes $250,000 were (sic) given to the Trump campaign.

McCain: It was $1 million all day yesterday.

Hostin: I suspect that will change.

Huntsman: By the way, impeachment, if you think this country is divided right now, if you think that politically we’re in a bad place, you wait until we have impeachment hearings. It’s going to get farther — people are going to get further and further —

Hostin: I think impeachment hearings will unify the country.

Behar: I do, too.

Of course, Behar and Hostin do seem to have a rather partisan view of politics: last April, there was this exchange on the show as the two women pronounced their view of the Obama Administration:

Behar: None of this happened — I remember when people say, “This was Obama.” Nothing like this, even remotely close, ever happened in the Obama administration. Completely scandal-free.

McCain burst out laughing.

Behar snapped, “Can you name a scandal?”

McCain answered, “Yes, but I don’t want to do this with you this morning.”

Behar pressed, “I’d like to hear a scandal that was in the Obama administration.”

McCain fired back, “The Iran deal. Number one. I mean, billions of dollars in unmarked bills in the middle of the night given to Iran. Yeah, that’s a big scandal.”

Co-host Ana Navarro sarcastically interjected, “I’ll give you an Obama scandal. He wore a tan suit. Michelle showed her arms. And he ate Grey Poupon!”

Co-host Sunny Hostin echoed, “I’m just saying — the Obama-administration was indeed scandal-free!”

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