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George Foreman Grills Idiot Libs, Defied Them With Brutal Takedown For Slandering Trump, Hell Yes [Video]

Celebrity liberals in both the entertainment industry and in sports are still in full denial about the fact that their pet candidate Hillary Clinton lost to the people’s choice, Donald Trump.

Thankfully, boxing legend and extremely successful entrepreneur George Foreman did not listen to the empty, complaining words of his celebrity friends, and defied them with some incredible advice for Trump on how to stand up to hateful liberals.

Foreman recently appeared on Fox & Friends on Fox News and said about Trump, “You know, when you’re into something like this, you just gotta fight.” When asked how Trump should respond to liberal media smears, George said, “You can’t even worry about the audience.”

Foreman then tapped into his own experience on the big stage of the championship boxing ring, stating, “When I’m in those boxing matches, I hear, ‘Boo, boo, boo,’ after the fight, when I listen to them on the tape. But in the ring, you don’t listen to anything. You must step forward and fight.”

Added George, “Winning is an idea, once you get in it, you can’t lose.” Foreman also parised Trump for helping him rebuild his career, saying, “This is a guy I remember way back, you could call him in the field, with the horses, call him and he’d always return your phone call.” How much do you love champion George Foreman for standing up for Trump? Watch below:

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