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Geraldo Calls The Constitution “BULLSH*T” Goes On Epic Rant And Bashes America

Fox News’ Geraldo Rivera has become one of the most hated hosts, and he only seems to be getting more extreme and ridiculous each day.

At the first day of this month, following the Roseburg, Oregon shooting, Rivera took to his Facebook page to call the Second Amendment “bulls***.”

He then went on to advocate for more armed guards.

Read Rivera’s full comment below:

“The mass murder at Umpqua again reveals we are a gun sick nation. All the 2d Amendment bullshit aside, the gun lobby controls the country, and allows armed maniacal lunatics to roam free and kill.

That said, isn’t it malpractice per se for any educational institution not to have at least one armed guard on campus trained and ready to fight gunfire with gunfire?

Cops are great, but unless someone is right there, armed and ready, locked and loaded, innocents will continue to be slaughtered by gun-empowered, penis-envying, disgruntled, self & life-hating, sicko creeps who got someone devoid of conscience to sell or give them a deadly weapon with which to take the lives of people much better than they.”

What do you think? Does Rivera need to be fired from Fox News immediately?

Source: Americannews

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