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Glenn Beck Warned That The Government Can Take Away Anyone’s Child

Because of the new information that the state of Oregon took away two kids from their parents Amy Fabbrini and Eric Ziegler because of their low intelligence, Glenn Beck alarmed everyone that the government is authorized to do such thing to anyone.

“You don’t just take people’s children without real evidence,” he stated on his show. “You give the benefit of the doubt to the parent. Don’t tell me about an IQ. You don’t measure your mother’s love and her ability to help you grow into a decent human being by measuring her IQ.”

“I’m not suggesting we put up with abuse, but there’s no evidence of abuse here at all,” he said later. “We don’t do this to each other. We don’t let our government do this, because if we don’t stand up for Amy — Amy’s plight is your plight. If you don’t stand up for Amy, you could be next.”

The parents battle started four years ago when their first child was born, Christopher. After his birth, members of their family issued a complaint to the state’s child welfare agency to supposed problems at the home.

The Oregonian reviewed the records and found that the complaint stated that Ziegler had “been sleeping with the baby on the floor and almost rolled over on him,” and that he was “easily frustrated” and that he almost always forgets to feed the dog.

Ziegler argued these claims. Anyhow, there was no evidence that suggested some kind of abuse or neglect. All the agency discovered was that “each parent has a degree of limited cognitive abilities.”

After a few psychological tests on Fabbrini and Ziegler, it was discovered that their IQs were 72 and 66, which is a lot below the average IQ, which is between 90 and 100.

Because of that Christopher was taken away from them and was placed in foster care, and their other son was taken right away after his birth from the hospital in February.

Beck thinks that Fabbrini and Ziegler’s shouldn’t be taken into consideration when the state’s child welfare agency found no indications of abuse.

Fabbrini’s aunt, Lenora Turner, has the same opinion:

“I honestly don’t understand why they can’t have their children. I go to the grocery store and I see other people with their children and they’re standing up in the grocery cart … and I think, how come they get to keep their children? How do they decide whose child they’re going to take and whose child can stay?”

Since the trial began, both parents took classes on parenting, first aid, CPR and nutrition.

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