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Gowdy Blasts Warren for Hypocrisy After Catching Her in a Lie About His Career: ‘Don’t Be Loose With the Facts’

Trey Gowdy is calling out Senator Elizabeth Warren for her false accusations against him.

Warren recently accused Gowdy of moving away from politics in order to become a wealthy lobbyist. However, Gowdy quickly shut her down, tweeting back that she needed to be careful before she accused a former colleague.

Gowdy also made an appearance on Fox News to stand up for himself and point out Warren’s hypocrisy.


“If you are going to criticize the president and other people for being loose with the facts, don’t be loose with the facts yourself,” Gowdy said on Fox News. “She is running for President of the United States. And she kicks it off by making a demonstrably false allegation against a former colleague.”

Instead of accepting a position as a lobbyist, Gowdy is reportedly returning to South Carolina to be a defense attorney.

During the interview, he also poked fun at an Instagram live stream featuring Warren drinking beer.

“It sounded so natural,” Gowdy said while smiling. “And I was struck by authenticity and the naturalness of that. Wow.”

Warren recently announced that she has created an exploratory committee for the 2020 election. However, Gowdy is correct in cautioning Warren against double standards due to her outspoken criticism of President Donald Trump.

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