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GREAT NEWS! Queen Elizabeth Invited Trump – This Is A Game Changer

The only thing desperate Democrats can do is spread the disgraceful lie that world’s greatest leaders ignore Trump.

They believe that the world is unhappy with the outcome of the presidential elections in America, and try to convince others in that lie. What a shame!

America has been in a friendly relationship with Great Britain since forever, and even Queen Elizabeth confirmed this. Great Britain is America’s most powerful friend.

Queen Elizabeth always speaks her mind and doesn’t say whatever to please anyone. She even invited President-elect Donald Trump in the United Kingdom. And yes, the invitation is formal.

As Conservative 101 reports, The Queen has no trouble affirming Great Britain’s joy regarding the elections in America. Both countries have similar attitude towards certain political issues, which includes the voting to stay away from the European Union. Being invited by Queen Elizabeth is such an honor, right?

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Source: Worldpoliticus

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