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Green Bay Packers Coach DEFIES ‘Black Lives Matter’ With Surprise Move, Police Love It

Some of the most admirable people are those who desire to give back to their community. Mike McCarthy just showed Black Lives Matter how REAL patriots act in this country.

The Green Bay Packers Head Coach put his money where his mouth is and donated $100,000 to the Green Bay Police Foundation.

This foundation was formed in July, as a response to many of the racial tensions brought on by race-baiting individuals within the Black Lives Matter hate group. Its attempts to brainwash young black Americans into feeling animosity toward the police prompted this action.

Although some liberals will, no doubt, call McCarthy racist, for him the objective is clear:

“My goal is be part of the solution to make our community better,” McCarthy said.

The fact that McCarthy’s father served in Pittsburgh for eight years as a police officer and for 30 years as a firefighter has to weigh heavily on his mind. Although McCarthy more than likely realizes that many children idolize the gridiron men he coaches, he realizes there are also everyday heroes who will never receive a million-dollar contract.

First responders like his father also put their uniforms on and do so for a fraction of the pay. They put their lives on the line on a daily basis in order to keep this country safe.

Many of the individuals McCarthy is supporting are police officers, and his community is proud of the fact that they hired their first black police officer in 2009.

First responders are truly some of the most unselfish people in our country, as they literally leave their families every day to protect perfect strangers knowing full well that hug they give to their wife, husband, and/or children on the way out the door could be their last.

Black Lives Matter likes to pretend it has the welfare of people at its core, but actions speak much louder than words. While their actions divide, the actions of those like Coach McCarthy are uniting.

We can only hope liberals finally realize conservatives want these social issues to end, we just go about it without trying to take down the people that serve our local communities in the process.

What do you think about Mike McCarthy’s decision to donate $100,000 to this new police organization in Green Bay? Please share this story on Facebook and tell us because OUR voice is YOUR voice!

Source: Angrypatriotmovement

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