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Greg Gutfeld Wears CNN Box On His Head During ‘The Five’ (VIDEO)

On Friday, Greg Gutfeld sported a new look at the expense of CNN.

In the intro of The Five, he wore a giant red box with the CNN logo on it. By the time they began discussing the latest developments in the Donald Trump Jr. meeting with the Russian lawyer, the box was off his head.

Co-host Juan Williams mentioned it a couple of times in mid-conversation, to which Gutfeld responded by calling himself a “human meme.”

Gutfeld tweeted out this picture earlier debuting his “new outfit”:

He was likely inspired by the GIF President Trump tweeted out of him wrestling the CNN logo.

At the end of the show, Jesse Watters asked Gutfeld if he was going to wear his CNN hat on the streets.

“I will be walking the streets of New York,” he responded. “Feel free to punch me.”

You can watch the brief intro above, via Fox News.

Since the President first tweeted out the CNN meme above, Twitter blew up with follow up memes . . .

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