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Griffin Is Using The Latest Trump Story To Get The Spotlight On Herself

Comedian Kathy Griffin, whose last attempts of using Trump to promote herself ended in a controversy followed by few venues canceling her bookings, is now trying again to use the latest Trump story to get the spotlight on herself.

Having heard about the British music publicist who used as a mediator to set up a meeting between Donald Trump Jr. and Russian lawyer Natalia Veselnitskaya, Griffin tried to find a connection to her.

“Don’t recall taking this photo with Russian intermediary Rob Goldstone, but I am in my Dynasty hat waiting for my interview with Mr. Mueller,” she posted on Twitter Monday, along with a photo of her with Goldstone.

Griffin said that the photo was from 2010 but later omitted any date.

The Twitter users didn’t find Kathy tweet interesting.

Goldstone said he set up the meeting because a client asked him to, a Russian singer Emin Agalarov, whose father is a real estate entrepreneur and has had contacts with both Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin.

The Guardian published a picture that Goldstone had shared on Facebook after Trump’s election wearing a shirt with “Russia” written on it.

The Secret Service reportedly questioned Griffin for the picture in which she was holding Trump’s bloody head.

Griffin drew a lot of harsh criticism after publishing that disgusting photo, and later she apologized to the president and his family, but that apology contained attacks against them as well, alleging that they were out to ruin her career.

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