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‘Hamilton’ Creator Lin-Manuel Miranda Rips Trump: ‘Lies As Easy As You And I Breathe Air’

On Sunday, Lin-Manuel Miranda, the creator and original star of “Hamilton,” vented his fury at President Trump after Trump had targeted Democrats visiting Puerto Rico and seeing a performance of the musical while the federal government was partially shut down.

Miranda tweeted, “Your occasional reminder that our current president lies as easy as you and I breathe air. Every day, all day, reflexively.”

President Trump has roundly criticized the Democrats for their jaunt to Puerto Rico; on Saturday he tweeted: “Democrats should come back to Washington and work to end the Shutdown, while at the same time ending the horrible humanitarian crisis at our Southern Border. I am in the White House waiting for you!”

He also tweeted, “We have a massive Humanitarian Crisis at our Southern Border. We will be out for a long time unless the Democrats come back from their ‘vacations’ and get back to work. I am in the White House ready to sign!”

As The Washington Examiner reported, appearing on Fox News’ “Justice with Judge Jeanine” on Saturday, Trump said, “I’d rather see the Democrats come back from their vacation and act. They’re not acting, and they’re the ones that are holding it up. It would take me 15 minutes to get a deal done, and everybody could go back to work. But I’d like to see them act responsibly, and they’re not acting responsibly, and that’s it. I’m in the White House, and most of them are in different locations. They’re watching a certain musical in a very nice location.”

Speaking of the Democrats who were visiting Puerto Rico, which was ravaged by hurricanes in 2017, Lin-Manuel Miranda’s father Luis, interviewed by CBS News, stated, “They’ll get to experience firsthand the needs of the island, so that they go back and sort of fight (President) Trump and the Republicans.”

Some Democrats have slammed the Trump administration for its relief efforts after the hurricane. Rep. Nydia Velázquez (D-NY), who joined other Democrats intending to create a commission to examine how the federal government dealt with the hurricanes, stated, “As we move into the 116th Congress, I will continue calling for accountability for how Donald Trump and his administration failed 3.4 million American citizens after Maria struck … It is clear now, from multiple analyses, that thousands … needlessly lost their lives because of the federal government’s feeble response to these hurricanes and their aftermath.”

CBS News reported that the Democrats’ trip to Puerto Rico was “organized by Bold PAC, a political committee and the Congressional Hispanic Caucus’ fundraising arm.”

“Hamilton” was scheduled to run for three weeks in Puerto Rico, with the funds raised from the show donated to the Flamboyan Arts Fund, which was created by the Miranda family. Luis Miranda estimated that the show would raise roughly $15 million for the fund, asserting, “Most of those dollars go to fund the arts through the Flamboyan Arts Fund. So we have around 2,000 tickets that we are selling for $5,000 and the bulk of that — 4,700 bucks — goes as a philanthropic gift … Nobody is making a penny here. All the investors, everyone has agreed that everything stays in the island — in the arts funds.”

The White House released a statement in September 2018 addressing the relief efforts that were mounted in the wake of the hurricanes in Puerto Rico. The statement noted these details:

$20 billion allocated by the Department of Housing and Urban Development for disaster-related community development grants to Puerto Rico, the largest ever.

$1.4 billion in federal grants approved for more than 462,000 homeowners and renters.

$3.2 billion in FEMA Public Assistance funding obligated.

$33 million in claims paid by the National Flood Insurance Program.

$1.85 billion in low-interest disaster loans from the Small Business Administration.

$8 million in disaster unemployment assistance for more than 9,000 survivors.

$802 million approved for FEMA housing assistance.

Puerto Rico’s entire electrical grid failed following Hurricane Maria, but today power has been restored to 99.99 percent of customers able to receive an electrical connection.

Water systems were inoperable following Hurricane Maria, but today 99 percent of customers have had water restored.

Debris and 41,000 landslides shut down all but 400 miles of Puerto Rico’s 16,700 miles of roads, but today roads are clear and traffic is moving.

Maria knocked out 95 percent of cellular sites, but today 99.8 percent are operating.

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