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Hannity DESTROYS Every Single Lie Told In Obama’s Farewell Speech [VIDEO]

Obama’s farewell speech was the most pathetic and delusional speech I have ever heard. It was a better drama than the Broadway Show. We saw everything, tears, dogs, stupid hyperbola of Obama and the worse of all- IDIOTIC liberals with even more idiotic reactions to this ridiculous speech.

On the other hand, we should not be surprised by this happening, just because we’ve been part of the ,,play” for long 8 years and we actually got used to it. Hmmm… Obamas learned a thing or two in acting from their beloved Hollywood friends.

Yes, that is right, the liberal hordes from Hollywood supported Obama all the way down the road, and now, of course , they make a huge propaganda on the social medias and the internet. DO NOT LISTEN TO THEM! They are all getting emotional because Obama’s leaving the White House, but in the same time they use this opportunity to attack Donald Trump and that makes the situation even more pathetic.

Sean Hannity takes the other way, he is not able to listen the liberal pricks again. As a real American patriot and a big professional of his rank can not allow himself to take part in the lynch for Trump and the pathetic ,,mourning” for Obama. Instead of doing stupid business he brakes the chains of the liberal oppressors.

Watch the video below and enjoy Hannity’s show. Now you can see the difference between an intellectual and cultural person serving justice to the pathetic hypocrites of America:

That is right, Hannity tells the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth which is: BARACK OBAMA IS A TRAITOR AND HE FAILED HIS PRESIDENCY.

What did Obama in favor of the people? NOTHING. Obamacare- total waste and failure, Iranian deal- the worst deal made ever ( I don’t have to tell you why because I should write another post) , don’t talk about the foreign policy because it makes me sick.

That is Obama- the man that made all of us sick and tired from his liberal idiocy, corruption and hypocrisy.

Source: Rightforever

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