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Hannity Releases Footage Of Obama PRAISING Islam – WHITE HOUSE PANICKED!

Is he or isn’t he? While Barack Obama has always denied being a secret Muslim, a video recently appearing on Fox News host Sean Hannity’s program suggests otherwise. The video in question shows Obama heaping praise on Islam, calling it (cough cough) “the religion of peace.

Obama gushes, “We will convey our deep appreciation for the Islamic faith, which has done so much over the centuries to shape the world.” That is certainly a true statement, as the millions of people conquered over the centuries by the sword of Islam could surely attest.

Obama then goes on to say “Islam has always been a part of America’s story.” Well yes, in the very early days of the new republic, the United States had to fight a war against the Muslim Barbary pirates, who preyed on American merchant ships in the Mediterranean, taking the ships and cargo as booty and the shipment as slaves.


“Since our founding,” Obama continues, “Muslim Americans have enriched the United States.” Indeed, there was the founding father named… Well, at the battle of Yorktown there was Colonel… Perhaps Mr. Obama knows some American history the rest of us are not privy to!

Source: Conservativeworlddaily

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