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IT’S HAPPENING! Ivanka Trump Just Received AMAZING News!

Neiman Marcus joined Nordstrom earlier this year in cutting ties with Ivanka Trump, yanking her items off the shelves. The move was interpreted by many as politically motivated, but the companies insisted it was due to low sales numbers.

Fast forward to today, sales from Ivanka Trump’s clothing line have reportedly skyrocketed and are at the highest levels in the brand’s history.

The news must have traveled back to Neiman Marcus because the retail giant quietly put two new Ivanka Trump items back up for sale on its website.

Shannon Coulter, who co-founded the anti-Trump “Grab Your Wallet” boycott, first noticed the addition of two rings selling for $4,360 and $5,400.

As for Ivanka’s surging sales numbers, brand spokesperson Abigail Klem said February had “some of the best performing weeks in the history of the brand.”

“For several different retailers Ivanka Trump was a top performer online, and in some of the categories it was the [brand’s] best performance ever,” Klem told

H/T Ijr

Whether the trend will continue in the future is uncertain, but Klem said they could see an eight percent increase in sales in March.

Usually, getting dropped by retailers doesn’t help business. But when have the Trumps ever been conventional?

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