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IT’S HAPPENING!! Trump SIGNING Immigration Orders To Ban Muslims… DO YOU SUPPORT HIM?

President Donald Trump has a lot ahead of him now that he has taken office, and on Wednesday a pile of executive orders were in order for signing. Most of these orders refer to Syria and forbidding immigrants to leave the country. The same goes for six other countries from the Middle East to Africa.

From Reuters:

Donald Trump is expected to give directions to the U.S. State Department for ceasing the visa issuing process, especially to people coming from the above mentioned areas.

If willing, Donald Trump can also give orders to the U.S. Customs and Border Protection to even forbid entrance in the States for all people from these countries that have obtained visas before these orders were initiated.

Donald Trump’s idea to do this will become a significant step forward for America on the way to safety and preserving the country’s identity.

And that is something worthy of respect and appreciation!

Donald Trump will make America great once more, and we couldn’t be happier about that!

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