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Here’s What President Trump Did on Inauguration Morning While No One Was Watching…

A 23-year-old single father got the surprise of a lifetime during the inauguration celebrations in Washington D.C.

Shane Bouvet, a FedEx courier from Illinois, was invited to meet with Donald Trump one-on-one during the inauguration after the President had seen a story about the young man in the Washington Post. During the meeting Trump presented Bouvet with a check for $10,000.

Bouvet’s story in the Washington Post was about his plan to visit D.C. for the inauguration in “a borrowed suit and donated shoes.” In regards to the trip itself, to one of the biggest moments in U.S. history, Bouvet said, “I don’t get out much. I’m a small-town, blue-collar guy.” Thanks to Donald Trump, now he’s a blue-collar guy who is $10,000 richer.


During the meeting President Trump and Shane Bouvet shook hands and talked under a tent near the Lincoln Memorial. Bouvet even called his Dad and had him speak with the President over the phone!

Trump told the press that Bouvet was a great guy, and before he handed over the check for $10,000 he took the time to sign autographs for Bouvet’s children.


Breitbart reports that Bouvet was so overwhelmed by the experience that he walked away saying, “Did that just happen?” It seems Bouvet was thrilled to meet the President, but when he received real help for his family he was moved to tears by the act of kindness.

Donald Trump certainly gave Bouvet and his family a great start to 2017! Even during his own inauguration Donald Trump was busy helping a real American who was working hard for his family!

Source: Conservativeworlddaily

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