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Here’s Why Trump Is 100% Right In Saying That Millions Of Illegals Voted For Hillary

Donald Trump made headlines this weekend by claiming that he actually did win the popular vote, if you subtract the millions of illegal immigrants that voted for Hillary. Immediately, the liberal blogs went after the President-elect, saying that these claims were unsubstantiated, and that an illegal vote was outlandish.

However, it seems like everything the mainstream left-leaning media has brought forth is nothing but conjecture and pure, old-fashioned hogwash. Here are the facts, proving that Trump is 100 percent right to question the legality of the votes in question.

Here is the tweet that started it all:

If we backtrack to just before election day, Barack Obama had a one-on-one conversation with a pro-illegal immigrant activist and said that basically, there was nothing anyone could do if illegals decided to cast votes on election day. I guess the media just forgot about this, so let’s remind them:

And then you have the people on the ground, whose job it is to actually count and analyze voting patterns – people like Gregg Philips, founder of VoteStand, a voter fraud reporting app. Here’s what Philips had to say on the matter:

Leftist sites like PolitiFact are claiming this as “false,”  because Philips wouldn’t provide them with information, rather he’s combing over it to assess its validity, at which point he will make a formal public statement. To those liberals reading, here’s a tip: not wanting to disclose information to a left-leaning source that has been known to collude with the Democratic party itself is not proof that something is false.

What is true, however, is that in a 2014 study, 2.2 percent of voters were found to be non-citizens. While the study can’t be taken at face value, what we can deduce is that states with lax or no Voter ID laws will have zero solutions into solving a problem of this magnitude. These are also the states that have the most liberals in them, and also the states that, surprise surprise, have the most illegals. Three million may sound like a lot, but with 120 million votes counted, three million is right in the 2.2 percent figure that the 2014 report stated, and one can assume that it would be more localized in places with sanctuary cities and liberal populations.

This is also common knowledge amongst politicians, who have sounded off on CNN and agree with Trump’s assessment of voter fraud.

Trump laid this to rest with one final tweet, and we can’t agree with him more:

The faster liberals figure this out, the faster we’re going to get the country back on track to work for everyone.

Source: Yesimright

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