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Here’s What Trump Was Caught Doing While NOBODY Was Looking… LIBERALS LIVID

Donald Trump has had a rough week since receiving an unprecedented amount of backlash from uninformed liberals who are furious about his travel ban. Perhaps all the negativity has taken a toll on the president, as he has made a surprising announcement about his weekend plans.

The Daily Caller reported that Trump will spend the coming weekend at his Mar-a-Lago estate in Palm Beach, Fla. Flight restriction issued by the Federal Aviation Administration state that Trump will arrive at Mar-a-Lago on Friday and leave Monday. There, he will attend the Red Cross Ball that is scheduled to be held at Mar-a-Lago Saturday night.

This was revealed after Barack Obama turned on Trump by issuing a statement expressing support for those protesting his travel ban.

It’s disgusting that Obama would undermine his successor just days after he took office. The statement is particularly appalling since Obama issued a very similar ban against refugees from Iraq back in 2011.

Breitbart reported that six years ago, Obama quietly suspended the Iraq refugee program for six months due to fears over terrorism. He did this after two al-Qaida members who had been admitted to the U.S. as refugees and were living in Kentucky admitted to targeting U.S. troops in Iraq. FBI agents said at the time that “several dozen suspected terrorist bombmakers, including some believed to have targeted American troops, may have mistakenly been allowed to move to the United States as war refugees.”

Clearly, Obama and his minions are trying to pretend that this suspension never happened and that they are shocked by Trump’s ban.

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