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HERO: Veteran Rescues Horses From California Wildfire

Many of my regular readers know that I lost both of my beloved horses on the same day two years ago. It’s a tragedy that I still struggle with to this day. So when I see a story like this, it makes my day.

Tucker Zimmerman is a retired marine who has spent the past week rescuing horses and other livestock from the fire blazing through Shasta County, California. The fire has so far claimed six lives, including two firefighters working to control the inferno.

But Zimmerman, a tractor salesman, has risked this danger to save some of the animals that are most difficult to rescue.

Reuters reports that Zimmerman rescued five horses on Saturday and received a phone call that others needed his help nearby. Zimmerman loaded up a trailer he borrowed from work and entered an evacuation zone in search of the animals. The animals are being taken in by ranches, rodeos, and stables that have been unaffected by the blaze.

“He restored my faith in humanity,” said Noah Urban, who connected to Zimmerman through Facebook after the veteran saved his 6-year-old horse, Bolt.

“You’re not just helping the animals, he’s helping people to alleviate their stress,” Urban told Reuters. “It would be like losing your children. If you had to leave them behind, I can’t even think about it.”

Zimmerman and others have been working to rescue livestock and pets while the fire is contained.

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