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Heroin Kingpin Arrested In Florida Is Illegal Immigrant On Food Stamps [VIDEO]

The liberals love to tell you illegal immigrants can’t collect welfare. That they don’t overload our already overburdened healthcare system, school systems and jails.

The liberals see only new votes not the real problems illegal immigration can bring to communities. The most destructive is abusing American welfare system. It’s even more insidious than drug dealing illegals like this heroin ringleader because it teaches them the government is there to “baby” them.

It starts a lifelong trend of looking for handouts that trickles down through the networks illegal immigrants have set up.

It becomes endemic. And then you have this happen. An illegal immigrant runs a massive multi-million-dollar heroin ring yet still find the time to go on welfare.

Polk County, FL police cracked a massive heroin ring, the biggest in Polk County history. And then the cops found something disturbing.

The head of the large heroin operation, along with numerous others who work for him, are illegal aliens who collect food stamps. Four of the women arrested also collect WIC payments.

In addition to pocketing millions in illegal drug money, the ringleader collected $900 every month from the government.

H/T Worldnewspolitics

“You, the hard-working taxpayer of this state, were paying him to do this,” Polk County Sheriff said.

This is a scandal that sadly happens every day in America. Or did happen – Trump will put an end to this madness.

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