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High School Student Steals Car, Remains In School Without Consequences

A high school teacher in Flint, Michigan, says a student stole her car and neither the school nor the police have done anything to discipline the student. Not only that, but the student is still in school and her car has not been returned.

Mary Toth, a special education teacher at Southwestern High School, told NBC 25 News that her car was stolen on August 13 but has yet to be returned a month later.

“Toth says on August 13th the student was supposed to be helping her clean her classroom. She says she left her purse in the classroom when she stepped out. She says when she returned, she later discovered that money and keys were stolen from her purse,” the outlet reported.

She then discovered that the student stole her 2015 Chevy Malibu. She and four other administrators were able to identify the student while watching surveillance video, NBC 25 reported. Even though they know which student stole the car, that student is back in school and the car is still missing.

“I broke out in hives the other day when I found out the student was in the building. I can’t sleep at night. I’m up all night, worried about how all of this is going to play out and where my car is and how safe I am because he has my address with my registration,” Toth told the outlet.

“This is grand theft auto and he’s still sitting in this building,” she added.

Toth told NBC 25 that she asked school administrators why nothing had been done to discipline the student. She said school officials told her they couldn’t deny the student’s right to an education.

“He denied himself those rights when he drove out of the parking lot at Southwestern in my car,” she told the outlet.

Toth also said that she is still making car payments even though her car was stolen.

“I’m outraged by the fact that I’ve made $700 worth of payments on my car and a thief is driving my car,” she said.

Toth told NBC 25 that other teachers have had their cars stolen and that her Malibu has been used in at least one crime.

“Toth says it was spotted on surveillance video tied to a shoplifting incident at a Flint Save-A-Lot,” the outlet reported. “We reached out to the store to get the surveillance video. An employee confirmed the incident but says Flint Police have to release the security video.”

Toth said her insurance company has provided her with a car rental at a cost of $5 a day, but after a month she will be responsible for the full cost. She told the outlet she is still hopeful to get her car back, but is also waiting to see if the insurance company will reimburse her for the car at an amount that would cover what she still owed on the vehicle.

Toth also said she filed a police report but has not received updates on the case.

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