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Hillary Clinton Charging Canadians $2400 Each To Meet Her

Hillary Clinton just proved she is a really generous person while charging Canadians $2400 each to meet her during her book tour.

The last couple of week Hillary has been busy promoting her new book called “What Happened” which is just a written version of her lame excuses on why she lost the elections.

Clinton is planning to go on a tour in 15 cities and the ones living on the other side of the border will have to pay $2,400 to meet the Democratic presidential candidate.

The chance to meet Hillary is “a hell of a steal” as the best-selling conservative author, Mark Steyn, said during an interview with Tucker Carlson

Carlson started his show with saying, “Hillary Clinton is back on the campaign trail; she’s not trying to get votes this time; instead, she’s trying to sell her new book, it’s called What Happened….This is the amazing thing:  in NYC, tickets are $125 a piece; in Toronto, for $2,400 you can meet Hillary Clinton.”

Hillary will also go to Wisconsin to promote her book, a state she abandoned completely during the elections. Such a hypocrite, she will be going to states to promote her book and get money from people she didn’t care during the elections.

One thing never changed about her and that is her greediness.

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